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Line Drivers/Forklift Operators

Line Drivers/Forklift Operators

locationCornwall, ON, Canada
PublishedPublished: 12/8/2023
Full Time

Johns Manville is committed to delivering positive and powerful experiences, because we are successful only when our employees and customers thrive. We are passionate, we care about people, we perform at a superior level, and we protect others and our environments.

Johns Manville is committed to delivering positive and powerful experiences, because we are successful only when our employees and customers thrive. We are passionate, we care about people, we perform at a superior level, and we protect others and our environments.

We are Hiring Line Drivers/Forklift Operators!!!

Hourly Pay starting at $24.00 /hr.

Shift:  8-hour rotating shifts

At the Johns Manville Cornwall facility, we manufacture insulation for roofs. It's a neat process, but what is even cooler is how we do it...

  • Our PEOPLE are at the core of everything we do
  • Our PASSION is in going the extra mile
  • We PERFORM at a superior level
  • We PROTECT today to ensure tomorrow

Your Day to Day:

Assumes responsibility for a safe working environment

  • Accepts and respects plant safety rules
  • Continually monitors area and equipment for unsafe conditions
  • Communicates safety items and concerns from any area promptly to Team Leaders
  • Communicates equipment issues and/or failures to Team Leaders and stops process if   necessary
  • Inspects equipment prior to use and communicates any deficiencies found
  • Operates equipment as outlined by the Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
  • Reviews and develops JSA’s for new and existing tasks as required
  • Participates in shift safety huddles
  • Understands the Condition Reporting system

Assumes responsibility for cutting rejected material into spacers (feet).

  • Ensures all material to be cut is Rejected Material and is identified as such with proper labeling
  • Ensures material is fit for use in the spacer saw
  • Ensures cut material is deliverable and discards nonconforming material
  • Communicates and records equipment issues and/or failures to all areas and stops process if necessary

Assumes responsibility for spacer bundle quality

  • Ensures cut material is separated into correct size(s) for production use
  • Ensures cut material is turned 90 degrees for regular spacers
  • Ensures cut material is 3.00” in thickness and 36” in length for use with Tile Backer products
  • Ensures cut material is neatly stacked in alternating rows on pallets
  • Material not to be stacked more than 3 rows in height in any one direction
  • Pallet height not to exceed 44” in height
  • Ensures material is only replenished as per Kanban levels and usage

Assumes responsibility for Material Recovery to Finished Goods

  • Reads production schedule and identifies material which can be recovered
  • Ensures material rejected from each production run is recovered as necessary during same production run and is reinserted onto the production line
  • Communicates the number pieces recovered, pieces rejected and pieces not returned to same production run

Assumes responsibility for materials availability and inventory

  • Ensures adequate supply of material is available and communicates to the Team Leader any shortages, excesses, etc
  • Ensures spacers are delivered to the correct area without overstocking

Assumes responsibility for basic mechanical issues

  • Performs on-line basic corrections to area equipment
  • Performs routine preventative maintenance on area equipment
  • Assists maintenance personnel with area equipment corrects or modifications
  • Communicates and records equipment issues and/or failures to the Team Leader and stops process if necessary

Assumes responsibility for finished production accounting

  • Correctly accounts for all recovered material
  • Correctly accounts material returned to production as finished goods
  • Delivers accounting records to Team Leader upon completion of production day

Assumes responsibility for loading and unloading finished goods and raw materials

  • Accurately load and unload finished goods onto dryvans and flatbeds
  • Assists coworkers in staging materials for shipping
  • Unloads inbound raw material and recovers additional packaging

Assumes responsibility for other duties as required or assigned

  • Ensures work area is clean, organized, secure and well maintained
  • Performs miscellaneous housekeeping functions as requested
  • Performs miscellaneous off-production functions as requested
  • Stays well informed regarding area changes, developments and new product requirements
  • Attends and participates in meetings as required

What You Bring to the Team:

  • Basic understanding of production functions
  • Knowledge of related equipment
  • Spacer Saw/Material Recovery Saw/Glue Gun/Forklift
  • Knowledge of Spacer requirement standards
  • Knowledge of basic mechanical functions
  • Understanding of production and inventory reporting
  • Able to detect abnormal running conditions of equipment
  • Able to hear audible alarms
  • Must communicate in a clearly and concise manner
  • Movement frequently and regularly required using:
  • Legs (walking and staircases)
  • Trunk (bending)
  • Arms (lifting approx. 50lbs and scraping).
  • Ability to apply common sense understanding to carry out detailed but uninvolved instructions and to deal with problems involving equipment and/or quality.


  • Well organized
  • Accurate and attentive to detail
  • Proactive
  • Troubleshooting equipment
  • Good communications
  • Ability to assist and support others
  • Basic computer skills

Please Keep in Mind

If you do not meet 100% of these requirements, we at JM want to hear from you. So, if you are interested in the role, we encourage you to apply so we can learn how your skills and talents can contribute to our team.

Why Johns Manville 
Johns Manville is a proud member of the Berkshire Hathaway family of companies, serving customers in more than 80 countries, supplying innovative products to the construction, aerospace, automotive, filtration and energy industries. With a more than 160-year legacy, we understand that our story continues to grow only with the right people saying, thinking and doing the right things. Make your story our story.

Diversity & Inclusion

Johns Manville believes diversity and inclusion in our workplace is critical for the long-term success of our company. We are committed to retaining, developing and attracting a diverse workforce that fosters an inclusive work environment in which all employees are treated with dignity and respect. This is the right thing to do for our employees, our company and our communities. Our D&I council is composed of employees from locations across North American & Europe who meet regularly and work to promote and foster an environment of inclusion. Born from our D&I council is our network of employee resource groups (ERGs) that are focused on supporting diverse communities in the workplace. Review more about our diversity & inclusion initiatives on JM’s Career page.